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17.09.2018 07:34

"ОригинальныеThese ideas will help you deal with unruly hair that is difficult to collect in the hair.

Long hair can be laid in a hundred ways. And if they are grown just to her shoulders? Relax, we’ve thought of everything.

Believe me, we share your feelings: the cut is still could not lie down, and to braid long braids or twist locks does not allow.

But there is a way!

1. High node


Gather your hair into a high ponytail at the crown. Nothing, if the lower strands will fall out. Weave the tail into the braid as you work, fasten with a rubber band. Naamathite braid around the base of the tail, fixing invisible. Take the wide hair ribbon or scarf, with their help, pick up the dropped strands and tie the ends of a scarf or tape over the forehead, tuck the tails under the elastic band that holds the tail.

2. Perky bundles


Create two high ponytail. Each of them wrap around the base, fixing invisible. Let some strands out: it looks very stylish!

3. In the style boho


Divide the hair into 4 parts: first, separate the strands from the front of the occipital, and then divide each half again into equal sections. The lower part of the twist in the cords and secure with Bobby pins. Divide the front strands parted in the middle, comb, and tuck behind her ear a loose wave. Tip hide under twisted bundles and fix invisible. Repeat with the other side.

4. Low beam


Gather your hair into a lower ponytail, wrap it several times around the base and kill the tip invisible. Before laying the hair needs a little blurt: the relaxed, the better!

5. Palouse


A secret: this hairstyle looks great on unwashed hair, so if you don’t have time to wash your hair — do so! Top coberta strands in the tail and secure with a rubber band. Thread the tail into the band again, leaving a loose loop of hair. Ready!

6. Braided bangs


If your bangs have grown back enough to constantly get into the eyes or mouth, and the ears are more strands to fill — weave it in a braid, and the tip of the fasten invisible. On the other hand person do the same, and the ends of both braids pin invisible in the middle of the back of his head. Drag them under a few strands and cover the mounting location.

7. The beam ballerina


Better do this laying right on wet hair: gather hair in a ponytail and place the ring around the base, kill the invisible.

Not waiting until hair is dry, apply varnish, then short strands will not fall out, and hair will remain perfectly smooth.

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