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17.09.2018 07:19

"Звезды, Who would have thought.

Famous beauties and the Heartbreakers of Hollywood. We admire their beauty and elegance on the screen.

And we even in a head will not come that someone can have such a terrible defect, like bad breath.

Just imagine how difficult to have their partner in the film, especially in scenes with kisses.

Here are 11 celebrities with disgusting breath:

1. Jennifer Lawrence: garlic and tuna


Partners Jennifer Lawrence on the film “the Hunger games” Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth had a hard time.

Known for his sense of humor hottie Jennifer, before filming the next episode could eat a dish with garlic or tuna fish.

Not surprisingly, such food habits provoke bad breath that created some inconveniences for its partners on the set, especially when it came to the scenes with kisses.

2. Ben Affleck: horrible bad breath


Unfortunately, besides huge talent, which has Ben Affleck, it is necessary to mention another not very pleasant thing: the famous Hollywood actor and producer supposedly has a disgusting breath!

As reported, it happened to mention to Sandra Bullock, his partner in the film forces of nature. One can only imagine how difficult it was given to her kissing scenes with. The actress even allegedly gave bin mints to at least partially fix this problem.

The other actors also acknowledge that Ben is not a very pleasant smell.

3. Jessica Simpson: irregular oral hygiene


Say, Jessica Simpson just three times a week brushing his teeth. In her opinion, too frequent brushing teeth makes her not exactly a pleasant feeling. So instead of a toothbrush and toothpaste, the actress uses a special lotion, mouthwash, and dental floss.

Of course, the lack of hygiene affects the breath. Many complain that Jessica has one of the most unpleasant breaths in Hollywood.

4. Robert Pattison: bad breath


Sin if the vampires bad breath? How is this possible if they are so afraid of garlic?

Now seriously, Robert Pattinson, rumor, very bad breath! A famous actor once dated my partner for the vampire Saga Kristen Stewart, and now he is in a relationship with a talented artist.

However, none of his lovers never complained of its unpleasant smell! Well, at least in public.

Sorry, that to me smells bad, complain many people. Rumor has it that stale smell comes not only from the mouth of an actor, but his things.

5. Angelina Jolie: deadly breath


Can you imagine what one of the most beautiful women in the world can be devastatingly bad breath?

But it’s probably true! This was said by many who are personally acquainted with an icon of beauty and style. Rumor has it that the breath of the Hollywood beauties so bad that sometimes being with her is simply impossible.

In addition, the former husband of actress brad pitt often teased angelina about this. He never gave on Valentine’s day to my wife a box of candies for fresh breath.

6. Hugh Grant: foul breath


Once the handsome Hugh Grant got the best role in the movie.

Hugh became popular in 90-e years, and almost always he played the role of not particularly clever, but very attractive guys in romantic comedies.

On the set he had kissed dozens of great Actresses, including his ex-wife Elizabeth Hurley.

However, oddly enough, all these ladies should only sympathize. Presumably, Hugh has the reputation of being one of those actors who have a very much unpleasant smell from the mouth.

7. Jennifer aniston: coffee and cigarettes


It turns out that the first wife of brad pitt also have a problem with fresh breath.

According to the gossip going around in Hollywood, Jennifer aniston uses a lot of coffee and smokes often. This is reflected in the freshness of her breath. After this, the actress simply forgets to rinse his mouth.

The co-star Alec Baldwin and Jason Bateman noted that Jennifer aniston often smells of coffee and cigarettes.

Interestingly, this is also said and new husband Jennifer, Justin Theroux.

8. Julia Roberts: peanut butter


The fact that this list includes the perfect Julia Roberts, was striking.

Have the recognized beauty Hollywood has their quirks, including food, without which it simply can not do!

During the filming of the film “Nothing personal” with Clive Owen has revealed that Julia Roberts is suffering from bad breath. This is not surprising, given her tendency to eat sandwiches with peanut butter in between filming the different episodes.

Although peanut butter sandwiches, no doubt, a tasty treat, to kiss someone who ate them, not very nice.

It was reported that Julia often had to freshen breath by using breath mints before filming scenes with kisses.

By the way, those lollipops she’s often asked Clive Owen, with whom Roberts had friendly relations.

9. Johnny Depp: bad personal hygiene


Although johnny Depp is famous for his talent and extraordinary charisma, he is also known for having terribly sloppy.

Rumor has it that Angelina Jolie even insisted that this talented actor used Listerine and refreshing lollipops before acting in scenes with kisses in the movie “the Tourist”.

Ex-wife amber heard also asked my husband to take better care of the private hygiene of the oral cavity, because sometimes you just couldn’t stand the odor.

Johnny Depp smokes a lot, which further provokes the already bad breath.

10. Beyonce: bad breath


Is it possible that the talented singer and actress was so terrible defect, like bad breath?

According to rumors, Beyonce is suffering from halitosis. So that her breath is not the freshest. Among the stars of show business, beyoncé is one of the most talented singers and charismatic women. And, apparently, the fetid breath does not spoil the overall impression of diva.

11. Puff daddy: stench


This list also hit and puff Diddy.

Isn’t that the beauty of the fabulous j-Lo “lucky”? First she dated Puff daddy, which, according to rumors, terrible breath. Then many years later, Lopez became the lover of Ben Affleck, a guy with exactly the same problem.

Say puff daddy like Beyonce, suffers from halitosis. Many of his Hollywood colleagues when talking try to keep your distance because of its unpleasant mouth odor.

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