Looks like a military ship, had lain a century at the bottom of the ocean. Photo

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"Century at the bottom of the Atlantic.

The British liner “Justice” (SS Justicia), torpedoed by the German submarine UB-64 during the First world war, sank in the Atlantic off the coast of Ireland in 1918. Recently, the British chemist Darragh Norton volunteered to see “Justice” at the bottom of the ocean, giving the world a unique photo.

Before the war the ship “Justice” has been renamed and handed over to the company “white star Line” (the one that built the Titanic), and since then has been used for military purposes.


In 1918 the ship was bound from Belfast to new York, when he was in the patrol area of the German submarine UB-64. The Germans seized the opportunity and began to attack the largest of the ships of the convoy. After the first torpedo the ship survived, after the second and third strikes Hulk with a length of 230 meters went down. Killed 16 crew members. Already 99 years old “Justice” lies at the bottom of the Atlantic, at a depth of 70 meters.

“Justice” (SS Justicia) on the map



Norton sank to the bottom of the Atlantic ocean in the 99-year anniversary of the collapse of “Justice.” The chemist was also a research goal.


“The bottom is literally littered with ships. German submarines of the First and Second world wars, many merchant ship..most of the ships are beyond the reach of conventional divers for this dive requires special equipment,” says Darragh Norton.

Historical photo: “Justice” himself. The years of the First world war.


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