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Unusual ideas of the Transfiguration of the interior. Photo

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"НеобычныеStylish and tasteful.

To make even a cosmetic repair or upgrade the interior – not cheap. But the designers are confident that there is a solution. To change the house beyond recognition, spending a minimum of means. And the result will be an updated and stylish interior. The survey collected interesting ideas that will help in this difficult matter.

1. Wall decor


World map cut out of Newspapers, will be a stylish accent to the interior, will help to hide the error on one of the walls or transform bored with plain Wallpaper.

2. Unusual shelves


A few shelves, made from extensive decorative moldings, perfect for paintings and photos will decorate the walls and bring the interior a touch of individuality.

3. The new coating baths


To revive an old enamel bath will help the new coating. In specialized stores presented a huge choice of special paints and enamels for every taste. Of course, this procedure is quite time-consuming, but in the end you get a beautiful new bath.

4. Kitchen island


Admire the photos of the kitchens of the European model and want to get a stylish island, but I can’t afford to buy such? Make a fashionable piece of furniture from the old slightly altered and freshly painted chest.

5. Vinyl film


Update badly battered and worn countertop of the kitchen set will help vinyl. Of course, such coverage cannot be called durable and needs to be treated carefully, but this is a great temporary solution for people with limited finances.

6. Accent wall


Refresh bored interair bedroom or living room will help technique, which involves the allocation of one of the walls with an unusual design. For example, to decorate one of the walls of the room by using wooden planks, which can be obtained by reviewing a few wooden pallets.

7. New facade


Want to completely change the design of the bath? Do not rush to throw away old furniture. Focus on small details: replace countertops of the cabinets and the sink on the model of concrete, to buy or to make a new frame for the mirror and replace the curtain. Such simple techniques will allow to save forces and means on a large-scale renovation to create a stylish interior, up-to-date loft-style.

8. Attention to detail


To transform a fireplace or stove, you can use painting some of its elements. You just need to choose the correct shade and the right paint to a familiar piece of furniture was transformed and re pleasing to the eye.

9. A bright solution


Multiple reels of tape of different colors will help to transform a nondescript countertop dining table in a bright interior detail. Just remove the top and decorate it with colored adhesive strips. In addition, armed with masking tape and several cans of spray paint, you can transform, pre-sanded the countertop, into something unique and stylish.

10. Wall decoration


Creativity and attention to detail will help to create a truly unique interior with minimal cost. For example, a few bright magazines, hung on ordinary wire hangers, will help to decorate one of the empty walls in the ladies bedroom, living room or hallway, and also to cover unsightly areas and existing inaccuracies in covering the walls.

11. Creative hanger


Wooden or plastic pegs, bolted to the wall, get a good hanger that will fit perfectly and complement the interior hallway or bedroom. Just, paint the clothespins in the appropriate to the General situation color and screw them to the wall.

12. New furniture


Huge range of paints available on the market allow you to paint almost any thing. For example, using spray paint for fabrics you can refresh an old upholstered chairs.

13. Brackets


Curly brackets are installed at the bottom of the wall cabinets will help to disguise a possible error of finishes to give the kitchen a more refined and noble appearance.

14. Wooden boxes


Simple wooden boxes can be stylish and functional interior detail. They can be painted, fixed on the walls as shelves, and fold them into a variety of interesting shelving and partitions, which will undoubtedly be a significant part of any space.

15. Fabric and moldings


Unrecognizable boring plain walls will help decorative foam moldings and fabrics. The process of transforming the walls will not take much time. You just need to measure out the desired piece of fabric to glue to the wall and frame from moldings.

16. Upgrade doors


Flat and completely featureless interior doors can be customized with thin plates of plywood. Just glue the plywood parts at the edges and the center of the door, and then cover the canvas with several layers of paint of the desired color.

17. Bright touch


Using bright colors or fabrics can transform the inner part of open shelves, cabinets, sideboards and shelving. This idea is to take note of people who crave change, but don’t want to get involved in a massive renovation.

18. New tone


Adjust the tone of one of the walls by painting it a new color. This technique will allow you to radically change the style and type of living space.

19. Design ladder


Stairs in the interior – a huge field for creativity. So don’t leave it plain and boring. Will transform its stage with the use of self-adhesive sticker, paint and carpet. Updated stairs will sparkle with new colors and is great to refresh the interior.

20. Patterns


A stencil and a can of spray paint designed for tile, great help to transform a plain floor bathroom or toilet.

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