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"ФильмыScary stories that took place in reality.

Sometimes while watching a horror movie it becomes so scary that we close our eyes with our hands and pushed into a chair. Now imagine that many of the worst movies based on real events! Here we have collected 10 films in the genre horor, the basis of which formed the real people and history.

1) Children’s play (1988)


Film series about the evil doll Chucky is not taken out of thin air. In the early 20th century a little boy from Florida, received a gift of Robert the doll. But it soon became clear that Robert was actually a Voodoo doll, made to the real value of the alleged victim. Fortunately, unlike Chucky, in Robert lives the Ghost of a maniac killer, and now the prototype of the famous doll of the villain is in the Museum under a special glass cover. Though the Rangers say that it is better not to disturb — Robert doesn’t like…

2) the silence of the lambs (1991)


In 2013, the creators of the film “silence of the lambs” admitted that the creation of such a vivid and creepy character as Hannibal Lecter was inspired by a Mexican plastic surgeon Alfredo Balli Trevino, who killed and dismembered his friend and lover. He also probably involved in the murder of several travelers who traveled by hitchhiking.

3) zodiac (2007)


The film “zodiac” more often referred to the detective genre, although there is described the story to the envy of many horror movies. And Yes, it is based on real events. In the 60-70s of the last century in America wielding maniac nicknamed the zodiac. He brutally killed seven people and between crimes were sent to the police encrypted emails with tips that could lead police to his identity. The point, however, was never solved.

4) a Nightmare on elm street (1984)


Wes Craven said he got the idea of a monster who kills people in her sleep when he found out that in Laos a few people died in their sleep from fear.

5) the hills Have eyes (1977)


This terrifying and strange film about a tribe of cannibals living in the mountains of Nevada, based on the Scottish legend (whom you would think?) cannibals. According to legend, a group of cannibals who lived in a cave existed that was robbing and eating travelers. Despite the fact that it is more folklore than a definite fact, sound is still awful.

6) Witch (2016)


The film tells the story of the dark days of the witch hunt. Its creators have carried out real historical research, to bring the film to the reality of the time. This made the picture even more scary and chilling.

7) Jaws (1975)


During the summer of 1916, a great white shark mauled five people. This incident formed the basis for the acclaimed film “Jaws”.

8) the Conjuring (2013)


This is a terrible movie also based on real events. This time the prototype has become a family Platform. They moved to Rhode island in 70 years. According to the eldest daughter, since then and for 9 years after, the demonic and the paranormal was just stalking their family.

9) the Exorcist (1973)


The story of one of the scariest movies, too, has its inspiration in the real world. In 1946, a boy named Ronald really was subjected to several sessions of exorcism, because he allegedly was possessed by demons and could fly around the room, and during one of the failed sessions, he even managed to scatter five adult men. By the way, the boy has “exorcised the demons”… a few months of regular sessions.

10) Texas chainsaw massacre (1974)


The main villain of the film is taken from real life — his name is ed Gein. This man killed and dismembered two women. And he made furniture out of human corpses that he dug up at a nearby cemetery. Just start to shiver.

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