Found another real photo of the Samsung Galaxy S8

13.09.2018 09:14

In a Network found yet another photo of the yet unannounced flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8, the show which is expected in April of this year. Source of picture is unknown, but it hurts the frame quality, which leads to certain suspicions: after all, such a good photo appear closer to the announcement, so it could be just a fake render.

But to judge the authenticity of the picture yet, better look at the exterior imprinted on it Samsung Galaxy S8. As expected, the lateral part of his bent on two sides of the display is not quite the word, and the lower frame is reduced so that it does not fit even Home button and I had to fill the space logo of the manufacturer. Where are all the three button controls is unknown, but I hope that will not make them on-screen, because this farm is inappropriate even in the 200 dollar phones, not to mention top-end flagships.

Case Samsung Galaxy S8 is clearly made of metal, but it may well be that it is ceramic, while the tips of the plastic inserts under the lower frame of the screen is still a hint of metal. Smartphone note, no front flash, that is a selfie, apparently, is not a trend. The announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected on April 21, and all of its major competitors, including LG G6, will be released a couple of months earlier.

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